Weekend of AI 2020

This is day 492 of my personal blog project to write about AI for every day over 500 days. I thought it would be nice to gather some of the people that I met along the way for a weekend event with discussions on different topics.

I bought WeekendofAI.com.

The idea for the event is

“All conversations — no presentations!”

I enjoy presentations, but often presentations can get very promotional or with people selling various products or services.

Saying this people do of course to some extent promote themselves when they just talk, however I thought this format would be more comfortable, and perhaps could be exported as podcasts.

I thought of this more as a weekend-long open brainstorm to sum up learning and discuss different ways forward.

The 20th — 22nd of November is when it will be happening, not big thing, not wildly promoted.

These are the current topics for how I would like to shape the event, and can be considered a draft.

Friday = ‘AI in government, city and climate’

The 20th of November. How do we govern with artificial intelligence?

10.00–11.00 — Breakfast session on diversity and inclusion in AI

11.00–12.30 — AI in the government

13.00–14.30 — AI and the city

15.00–16.30 — Climate, nature and AI

Saturday = ‘AI Explanations, Collaborations and Algorithmic Audits’

The 21st of November. What possibilities and pitfalls can be seen in current applications of artificial intelligence?

11.00–12.30 — Tech Podcasters Breakfast Party

13.00–14.30 — XAI (Explainable Artificial Intelligence) as a field of research

15.00–16.30 — Collaborating on AI: interdisciplinary collaborations

17.00–18.30 — Power: hardware, digital sovereignty and national capabilities

19.00–20.30 — Algorithmic Audits

21.00–22.30 — Dark conversation: gendered and racist applications of AI

Sunday = ‘National AI Strategies, Talent and Education’

The 22nd of November. What are nation states doing to educate and attract talent?

11.00–12.30 — Sunday breakfast session on tech policy and regulation

13.00–14.30 — Social data and AI

15.00–16.30 — AI policy and (in)security

17.00–18.00–500 days of AI

My idea is to invite 2–3 friends or people I have met for each learning session.

I will get an event up and running.

It will be interesting to see how it turns out.

Only a few days left of a great adventure.

This is #500daysofAI and you are reading article 492. I am writing one new article about or related to artificial intelligence every day for 500 days.



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