Photo by @huper

Very Artificial Poetry #9

Poetry about artificial intelligence

Most days of my project #500daysofAI I post articles that attempts to grapple with researchers, research articles, whitepapers and companies within the field of artificial intelligence. However I decided to make an effort to write poetry once in a while. This is that ‘once in a while’ day, and so I hope you enjoy this poem or that this short text makes you stop and think for a second. I would of course be happy to receive any sort of feedback if you feel inclined to give. Here we go.

I had started to forget artificial intelligence
as it was only an echo, relocated to the back of my mind
switched on as I was in the moment, looking
Observing as the hours went by
Awake for some reason

I started following the traces of water
Observing how waves beat against rocks
Splashing across the shore
So sure, I was so certain
In process, procedural
Computer vision

Like mixing in foreign words to stay relevant
Becoming alien in the process
Progression into a mist
Driving a car
I drove


AI Policy and Ethics at Student at University of Copenhagen MSc in Social Data Science. All views are my own.