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Very Artificial Poetry #9

Poetry about artificial intelligence

Most days of my project #500daysofAI I post articles that attempts to grapple with researchers, research articles, whitepapers and companies within the field of artificial intelligence. However I decided to make an effort to write poetry once in a while. This is that ‘once in a while’ day, and so I hope you enjoy this poem or that this short text makes you stop and think for a second. I would of course be happy to receive any sort of feedback if you feel inclined to give. Here we go.

I had started to forget artificial intelligence
as it was only an echo, relocated to the back of my mind
switched on as I was in the moment, looking
Observing as the hours went by
Awake for some reason

I started following the traces of water
Observing how waves beat against rocks
Splashing across the shore
So sure, I was so certain
In process, procedural
Computer vision

Like mixing in foreign words to stay relevant
Becoming alien in the process
Progression into a mist
Driving a car
I drove


This is #500daysofAI and you are reading article 412. I am writing one new article about or related to artificial intelligence every day for 500 days.



AI Policy and Ethics at Student at University of Copenhagen MSc in Social Data Science. All views are my own.

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