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Most days of my project #500daysofAI I post articles that attempts to grapple with researchers, research articles, whitepapers and companies within the field of artificial intelligence. Thus through attempting to understand artificial intelligence it is a discovery every day which can be both delightful or frightening, sometimes in equal measures. As an example yesterday I wrote about Center for AI Safety at Stanford University: A Quick Look at Whitepaper, Membership and Flagship Projects.

Today is that once in a blue moon day, or once a month you could say, so perhaps once every moon. On the 2nd of July I published Very Artificial Intelligence: Artificial Intelligence and Me and this was the first such attempt. As such I will publish my second reflection in the form of poetry. My goal later in my project is of course AI-assisted poetry, however we will see how far I get.

If you dislike this or enjoy this occasional divergence from the #500daysofAI norm please tell me. Anyhow, here we go!

Weaponized AI and I, me

Weaponized AI and I, me

uncertain. I am simply told

about how easily transferable

face recognition is. Your,

autonomy, me independent.

Disconnected. Let me see

the code. Programming language

R. Right over here with

me. Seamless integration, or

seeming seamlessness of a

stationary camera. Streaming

consciousness, readdress me,

interloper coping free. Me,

society calm relaxed degree

to disagree, me. Frequent on

frequency connectivity rigid

living seeking debris.

Looking at these lines

of code. Can you understand.

Who is machine and who

is man. Jokingly listing

steps to singularity, seriously.

Articles from lines of text.

Water, dry throat, tapestry

of fake bricks. Seconds

second first thirst, desert

or dessert. Craving cold

calculating how long before

what we view warps into

truth sweet-tooth. Youth

reporting in protesting

climate change strange when

I am so distanced online,

fine line between being

virtuos and evil. Nice.

Property technology analogy,

a presentation of folly and

humane fallacy. Demtech sect

reflect development protection

or selection detection of

ROI (return on investment).

This is progress, surely, as

sure as the less I make

of margins error shake

it-out — touting corrections.

Detestable, but not contestable,

if nothing else we are

forgetting love. Removed from

a rational love. Enclaved

from rave, rock and grave

if we can save or load. Then

this is just the next checkpoint.

If not it is the breaking point.

This is day 64 of #500daysofAI. My current focus for day 50–100 is on AI Safety. If you enjoy this please give me a response as I do want to improve my writing or discover new research, companies and projects.

AI Policy and Ethics at Student at University of Copenhagen MSc in Social Data Science. All views are my own.

AI Policy and Ethics at Student at University of Copenhagen MSc in Social Data Science. All views are my own.