Alex Moltzau 莫战

Aug 27, 2020

1 min read

Very Artificial Poetry #11

Poetry about artificial intelligence

Most days of my project #500daysofAI I post articles that attempts to grapple with researchers, research articles, whitepapers and companies within the field of artificial intelligence. However I decided to make an effort to write poetry once in a while. This is that ‘once in a while’ day, and so I hope you enjoy this poem or that this short text makes you stop and think for a second. I would of course be happy to receive any sort of feedback if you feel inclined to give. Here we go.

How can we create artificial life,

When we cannot create our own.

We humanity, you and me.

Or was it… You and them.

How can we predict the future,

In so many ways. Simultaneously.

Simulation and realisation.

Thinking and making.

Dreaming and taking.

How can we enjoy artificial lives,

Beyond the white curtain.

Revealed, as if by a magic trick.

Introspection or introduction.

Conducted or conducive.


How can we create artificial life?

When we need life to thrive.

The life that already exists.

Distinction of natural distant.

Circular yearnings in circuits.

A reputation of repetitive mistakes.

Recreation. Imagination. Creativity.

Can there be short-term longevity?

Artificial Poetry.

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