Alex Moltzau 莫战

May 25, 2020

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The Multi-cloud Overcast in Digital Infrastructure

Material relations and aggregated computing

How will material relations of data centres be tracked or mapped by consumers of compute when they already are somewhat obscure? Sourcing is a growing question in most environmentally conscious businesses. Particularly those who not only want to seek a balance in their carbon budget, indeed going beyond common conceptions of managed sustainability in terms of energy or through other purchases.

Mostly actors in the data centre market chooses a region. This is an aggregated number created to facilitate the decision-making process by those who want to take conscious decisions.

Yet how will this work is multi-cloud capabilities is enacted by bundling a variety of servers?

One has to wonder, although it is tempting to trust Microsoft unconditionally (besides operability) in their ability to deliver responsible infrastructure. I believe it is important to ask these questions and pursue an understanding of the value chain in the computing and storage that is delivered.

Multiple actors tend to complicate the grounded relationship in delivering the service, and it is important that the multi-cloud in this sense does not cause an overcast when it comes to ethical concerns.

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