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The International Data Group

Who are they and what do they do?

Alex Moltzau
3 min readJun 1, 2020


When looking into the construction of large data centres for some of the largest technology companies in the world I stumbled across one name quite a few times. That name was IDC, the International Data Corporation, and by extension the larger International Data Group (IDG).

I am writing this short article to begin understanding IDG.

Firstly, the organisation is made up of International Data Corporation (IDC) and IDG Communications, which includes the CIO, Computerworld, PCWorld, Macworld, InfoWorld, and JavaWorld brands.

That is not all.

  • IDG Connect produces, publishes and distributes local IT and business information. Founded in 2006.
  • IDG News Service is IDG’s own international news agency.
  • IDG Ventures USA, founded in 1996, invested in USA-based and South-East Asian-based operations. It is an international network of venture capital funds with approximately $3.6 billion under management, and over 220 companies formed over the last 17 years.
  • The International Data Corporation (IDC) is a global provider of market intelligence within information technology and has more than 1,100 analysts worldwide. It was founded in 1964.

International Data Corporation was founded by Patrick Joseph McGovern (1937–2014) in Massachusetts, in 1964.

At the outset, the company produced a computer installation data base (based on a customer list from IBM).

Companies such as RCA, Univac, Xerox, and Burroughs paid IDC for use of the data base. Since then IDC has had an illustrious history.

It grew from a small company into one of the largest companies within communication and analysis of information technology.

In September, 2013, Patrick Joseph McGovern was listed on the Forbes 400 list of the richest Americans, having a net worth of $5.1 billion.

They are serving technology decision-makers and enthusiasts in 147 countries.

In 2017 they were bought by China Oceanwide.

On August 1, 2019, Mohamad Ali was named as Global CEO of IDG. Prior to joining IDG, Ali held the positions of President and CEO of Carbonite and Chief Strategy Officer of Hewlett-Packard.

IDG is one of the world’s largest media, data and marketing services company that activates and engages the most influential technology buyers.

IDC — Analyse the future

As such one could argue that the clients of IDC are to be found within the technology industry.

It is the research done within this conglomeration that interests me.

Their international team of analysts are led by Chief Research Officer Meredith Whalen.

She is a member of the senior management team and lead the worldwide research organisation, product management, marketing and client services functions.

  • Sets the direction and agenda for IDC’s worldwide research products.
  • Fosters innovation.

She counsels technology suppliers on creating effective offerings for the digital economy.

She oversees the CIO Executive Council, which provides strategic leadership development for transforming the C-suite at the world’s most influential and evolving organisations.

CIO attracts the highest concentration of enterprise CIOs and business technology executives.

In her 20 years at IDC, Ms. Whalen has innovated industry research practices with such offerings as the:

  • Industry Insights business units.
  • Advising vertical industry advising on technology strategy.
  • IDC’s DecisionScape methodology.
  • A portfolio of decision-making methodologies.

Ms. Whalen founded IDC’s IT Executive Research programs and architected the industry’s first and most comprehensive business use case taxonomy.

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