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Technology Optimism and Criticism

Reflections on binary oppositions

This will be a short piece reflecting on optimism and criticism in technology. It is not extensive and is a reflection including a quote, a contributor article from Forbes and a few thoughts about rhetorics in binary oppositions.

“…the idea that given the right code, algorithms and robots, technology can solve all of mankind’s problems, effectively making life “frictionless” and trouble-free.”

Reading the article from a former Disney screenwriting consultant called With Tech On Our Side, We Can Beat This Crisis one can certainly get that particular vibe.

  • Poiesis (making),
  • Praxis (doing).
  1. Dyspraxia (δυσπραξία, “bad praxis, misfortune”).

“Reality and appearance”

What appears to be the case is not in fact the case, because the ‘case’ is redefined and negotiated. It appears to be the right choice given the preconditions of the choice.

AI Policy and Ethics at Student at University of Copenhagen MSc in Social Data Science. All views are my own.