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Should Every Computer Science Degree Require a Course in Cyber Security?

Let us discuss priorities in the education of computer scientists

Every CS degree needs a course in Cyber Security

First I must say I enjoyed the article written by Jack Cable and he has some compelling points as well as impressive writing. Jack Cable is according to his Twitter a: “Coder turned white hat hacker, acknowledged by Google, Facebook, Uber, and the US Department of Defense.”

Cybersecurity is eating the software world.

I think quite a few writers within technology likes the comparison within the idea of evolution or development — superior in some sense. The Russian interference is mentioned alongside the Facebook breach and increases in data breaches. “What’s worse, nothing seems to be getting better.” This is apparently partly due to lack of punishment. Companies additionally ‘sacrifice security’ for other benefits since investing in this area yields no immediate financial benefits. Alike governments does not invest enough in computer science education towards this end.

Eating the World

Dare I mention the recent Amazon forest fires? This may seem a moot point, however ‘we’ and perhaps also software is eating the world. The cleared areas have been used to give place for mainly raising cattle, and as such it is interesting to ask whether the climate crisis or sustainability should feature as a core subject for software engineers or computer scientists prior to a course in cyber security.



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