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OpenAI & GPT-3 for Offer

An offer you can’t refuse?

OpenAI is now offering their advanced language model GPT-3 for commercial usage.

I previously wrote a post about GPT-3 that you may read here:

It does seem like OpenAI is on a roll considering that they have one of the most advanced language models (if not the most advanced) out there for offer in the commercial market.

However, as recently discussed in the MIT Technology Review this tool can also be used for less beneficial applications. College student Liam Porr used the language-generating AI tool GPT-3 to produce a fake blog post that recently landed in the №1 spot on Hacker News.

A college student can seemingly fool a publication in the technology industry rather well.

If OpenAI will be releasing a commercial model, then what will the price be?

“A researcher called Gwern Branwen posted the details on Reddit

  1. Explore: Free tier: 100K tokens or a three-month trial, whichever you use up first.
  2. Create: $100 per month for 2M tokens, plus 8 cents for every additional 1k tokens.
  3. Build: $400 per month for 10M tokens, plus 6 cents for every additional 1k tokens.
  4. Scale: Contact OpenAI for pricing.”
Login page of OpenAI API.

Their API, lets people use the company’s AI tools.

The company says developers can apply it

“…to any language task — semantic search, summarization, sentiment analysis, content generation, translation, and more — with only a few examples or by specifying your task in English.”

The API product was launched for free. Now it will be expensive, and out of reach for many. The costs are subject to change, but the preliminary pricing will put the model out of reach for most casual programmers.

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