Opacus Library for Training PyTorch Models

Opacus is an AI launched by Facebook AI. It is a new high-speed library for training PyTorch models with differential privacy.

  • Opacus have something unique to offer in the safety field too. Opacus uses a cryptographically safe pseudo-random number generator for its security-critical code, which is processed (for an entire batch of parameters) on the GPU at high speed.
  • Opacus is comparatively flexible to use. Because when it comes to prototyping ideas, PyTorch makes it quick for researchers and engineers to mix and match their code with PyTorch code and pure Python code.
  • When it comes to productivity, Opacus offers tutorials and some helper functions that will warn you, before the start of the training, about incompatible layers. Opacus also offers automatic refactoring mechanisms.
  • Opacus keeps track of how much of your privacy budget you are spending at any given point in time. Privacy budget is a core mathematical concept in differential privacy; thus, Opacus enables real-time monitoring and early stopping. That makes it very clear how interactive Opacus is.”

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