NLP with Python

A note on Natural Language Processing with Python

As I have mentioned previously there are a few resources available to help tackle the issues with Natural Language Processing, particularly in Python.

Online there is a book by Steven Bird, Ewan Klein, and Edward Loper. It is called: Analyzing Text with the Natural Language Toolkit.

The summary can be shortened to the following:

  • “Texts are represented in Python using lists: [’Monty’, 'Python’]. We can use indexing, slicing, and the len() function on lists.
  • A word "token" is a particular appearance of a given word in a text; a word "type" is the unique form of the word as a particular sequence of letters. We count word tokens using len(text) and word types using len(set(text)).
  • We obtain the vocabulary of a text t using sorted(set(t)).
  • We operate on each item of a text using [f(x) for x in text].
  • To derive the vocabulary, collapsing case distinctions and ignoring punctuation, we can write set(w.lower() for w in text if w.isalpha()).
  • We process each word in a text using a for statement, such as for w in t: or for word in text:. This must be followed by the colon character and an indented block of code, to be executed each time through the loop.
  • We test a condition using an if statement: if len(word) < 5:. This must be followed by the colon character and an indented block of code, to be executed only if the condition is true.
  • A frequency distribution is a collection of items along with their frequency counts (e.g., the words of a text and their frequency of appearance).
  • A function is a block of code that has been assigned a name and can be reused. Functions are defined using the def keyword, as in def mult(x, y); x and y are parameters of the function, and act as placeholders for actual data values.
  • A function is called by specifying its name followed by zero or more arguments inside parentheses, like this: texts(), mult(3, 4), len(text1).”

For more on this read the first chapter of the book.

Hope you enjoy it!

AI Policy and Ethics at Student at University of Copenhagen MSc in Social Data Science. All views are my own.

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