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My Wishful Thinking for AI in 2021

A few personal thoughts considering the field of AI for the next year and my own wishes for learning

Winter is coming… At least in Norway where I live. October may seem a bit early to make a wishlist, however I thought this would be a good time. I am finishing up 500 days of writing about artificial intelligence every day, and it is time to look forward. Be aware that this is a blog article, and less focused on critical discussion or informative exploration of new topics than some of my other articles.

  1. A clear overview of how you can choose the right place to store and run data that is more viable in terms of footprint beyond only energy usage, although getting that one criteria right would help too.
  2. Personally, I want to do more projects within the field of artificial intelligence and get involved in research groups locally in Norway to a greater extent. I would very much like to drift between practical research groups, programming and policy sandbox.
  3. Build a useful dataset focused on sustainability in the technology sector. Considering how a dataset can be used by people who work within the technology industry — with AI as a main concern.
  4. Become practical about interdisciplinary collaboration. Finding specific ways to collaborate — thinking about how different teams work together or what kind of AI services or products that I would like to get involved with to a greater extent.
  5. Contribute to writing articles in local papers addressing implementations of artificial intelligence or informing about specific use cases that is helpful for society.
  6. Growing the community of social scientists interested in programming in Oslo. Figuring out how we could contribute to processes of auditing or evaluating algorithms from a social science perspective that would be respectful of the work done by those who developed different projects.

Lines in the sand and my previous personal wishes in 2019–2020

Goals and wishes are not exactly the same. Still, I find it interesting to look back at article number 20 where I had some thoughts about setting myself goals. I framed these as goals not wishes, but I still look back at these:

  1. Increasing skills related to my academic interest such as writing and becoming more comfortable with text. Presenting my findings in a structured manner that provides for a good reading experience. Find the first writing competition in which I can participate.
  1. Write my first book about artificial intelligence within the next 250 days. It does not have to be extensive or complex, rather as a discussion point introducing thoughts related to social science and AI.
  2. Write an article for a large established media publication online within the next 500 days (1M readers+) as a contributor. Examples could be Fast Company, Forbes, HuffPost, MIT Technology Review, TechCrunch, Wired etc.”
  • I did not write for a large established media publication.
  • Increase my skills related to my academic interests.
  • Contribute to the development of the Norwegian AI strategy through a few meetings where I was present for discussions.
  • Wrote two books about artificial intelligence.
  • Do a TEDx talk about AI and the Climate Crisis.
  • Joined a digital ethics council.

From talking and writing to doing

One big change was that I started a MSc in Social Data Science at the University of Copenhagen. This means I am programming every day of the week and learning rather much about both the practical aspects of programming and theories within social science broadly. I was also fortunate to get to test out some of my data skills with UNDP.

Wishful thinking on AI

Then again, this may be wishful thinking.

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AI Policy and Ethics at Student at University of Copenhagen MSc in Social Data Science. All views are my own.

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