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Photo by — @simonmigaj taken at Husfjellet, Norway

Learning Programming over the Winter Holidays?

Some Reflections on an Attempt to Spend Part of the Holidays Learning

For many in medium or large companies work is starting to phase out. There are plenty of jobs that will keep on going, however a large part of the people in Norway where I live will at least will consider taking a few days off. It could be hard taking the time to learn whether you have family or not keeping you busy. So I thought I would share some thoughts on this topic.

  1. Talk to my partner about time commitment. I think this is where it could go very wrong for many! That is including myself.
  2. Communicate this to family I am staying with and agreeing what room and what times that I could set off to learn.
  3. Find strategies for learning on the go. There are a few small programming games that are quite fun to engage with on a smartphone.
  4. Look through curriculum and consider what parts I want to get through at the given time slots.
  5. Consider if I have anyone that are taking on a learning challenge during the Holidays to buddy up.

Why Learning During the Holidays?

Programming is fun and fascinating. For myself I want to understand more about programming as I will be writing my thesis on developers this Spring, that is the plan. I had been thinking about picking up some more maths as well and how I can integrate learning numbers during my everyday life, Mathemathics can be useful these days. I know I never want to be the best Mathematician, however I have an aim of what level I want to get too, this in turn may help my programming.

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AI Policy and Ethics at Student at University of Copenhagen MSc in Social Data Science. All views are my own.

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