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International Artificial Intelligence Policy

Charting the currents of a worldwide transversal technology

On the EU Artificial Intelligence Policy Knowledge for policy online resource there is an article about: The AI techno-economic complex System: Worldwide landscape, thematic subdomains and technological collaborations. This very short article gives an introduction and is an encouragement to read the full paper.

This paper talks of Techno-Economic Segment (TES) methodology.

It is meant to addresses dynamic emerging technologies’ complex systems.

“AI landscape described by agents’, activities’, technologies’ multidimensional network.”

They use topic modelling to identify six main thematic knowledge subdomains in AI and look at networks of R&D collaborations regarding technological and theoretical advancements.

“In addition, AI cannot be identified as part of a specific sector, but rather as a transversal technology because the fields in which it is applied do not have precise boundaries.”

They mainly look at three aspects:

  1. Provide an overview of the worldwide presence of agents.
  2. Investigate the patterns in which AI technological subdomains subsist and scatter in different parts of the system.
  3. Reveal the size, composition, and topology of the AI R&D collaboration network.

The AI TES is a complex system consisting of agents that have taken part in relevant AI activities in the last decade.

They consider relevant activities to include.

  • Industrial activities (i.e., production, services, and trade by firms) and R&D activities.
  • Patent applications related to the considered technology.
  • Publications in related research domains.

They also consider agents to be the firms, research centres, academic institutions, and governmental institutions involved in the aforementioned economic and knowledge-related activities.

“AI’s artifacts, such as machine learning algorithms, devices using computer vision and speech recognition, and connected and automated vehicles, are investigated via the activities that the agents perform in order to produce, trade, and develop them.”

They capture the state of AI in the worldwide landscape in the period 2009–2018.

I do not want to spoil the rest.

This is #500daysofAI and you are reading article 360. I am writing one new article about or related to artificial intelligence every day for 500 days. My focus for day 300–400 is about AI, hardware and the climate crisis.



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