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Hyperscale Data Centres

A great increase in data could mean a lot of large data centres

As we store more and more people are connected to the Internet and data usage is increasing we need more storage. The term “hyperscale” refers to a computer architecture’s ability to scale in order to respond to increasing demand. Computers rely on resources within a given node or set of nodes. Scaling some part of our computer architecture typically means increasing computing ability, memory, networking infrastructure, or storage resources.

There were around 400 towards the end of 2017 and at the time expected to be around 500 worldwide in 2019.

However where are we currently in 2020?

How many large data centres are there out there?

With the Coronavirus it does not seem unlikely that storage needs have been increasing. The publication Data Center Knowledge claims there are more than 500, however it refers to the same source.

According to this article it would be a large increase in investment in related equipment.

“Kelly Morgan, an analyst who tracks the space at 451 Research, said in a presentation during a recent conference that her team expected 2.5 million new equipment racks to be installed in both multi-tenant and cloud-provider data centers, representing (conservatively), about $75 billion in data center construction investment.”

As such many equipment sellers may see an increase in sales over the coming years.

Is this a booming trend or not?

If you have information or stats on this topic please contact me.

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