Emerging Artificial Intelligence Strategies

After writing about artificial intelligence (AI) strategies for almost fifty days I have covered most major strategies (except for Australia, a few countries in Europe and some in South America). As such I thought it would be great to consider what AI strategies that are emerging, possibly coming up soon.

Map from Future of Life Institute (I have contributed with a few countries on this)

Another map that is outdated by now is from OPSI observatory of public innovation. However as you may see this is outdated since many of the countries outlined have launched strategies.

For me I think one of the most interesting countries emerging in Europe will be Ireland since the country has such a large presence of technology companies (at least registered).

I think it will be interesting as well to follow Africa, the Middle East and South America to see whether there will be some larger strategic developments in the coming months.

This is #500daysofAI and you are reading article 249. I am writing one new article about or related to artificial intelligence every day for 500 days. My current focus for 100 days 200–300 is national and international strategies for artificial intelligence.

AI Policy and Ethics at www.nora.ai. Student at University of Copenhagen MSc in Social Data Science. All views are my own. twitter.com/AlexMoltzau

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