Alex Moltzau 莫战

Aug 29, 2020

3 min read

Copenhagen & AI

Artificial intelligence in a new city

This article is a short reflection about arriving in a new city and trying to navigate the AI ecosystem, as well as searching broadly for AI communities in research and commercial applications.

It must be said that searching is different, depending on your search history. As such it will likely be very different depending on who you are and what you previously have searched for.

These are my immediate results Sunday the 29th of August 2020:

Since I go to the the University of Copenhagen studying Social Data Science it is not surprising that the first result is a research group at my university.

Further, it gives me a second university in the city interested in the topic.

Lastly, as the third link it gives me a link to Meetup, that is a site for organising network-related events.

Further, if you look beyond you can see Glassdoor. Initially made to help people tell others what their job at certain companies is like without too many repercussions to warn others, it is now also a promising recruitment site.

From this you may get an idea of the companies looking for AI talent in Copenhagen.

It seems that on a wide basis Boston Consulting Group is recruiting.

Fellowship.AI sounds academic, but is more of a workshop format or placement.

Accuro is a recruiter.

The forth result may be more interesting.

Corti was founded Corti in 2016 in San Francisco. Their headquarters nowadays lie in Copenhagen. It seems they have been testing the technology in Scandinavia, France, Italy, U.K, U.S, and Australia & New Zealand.

They have been selected as one of Europe’s top 50 startups, chosen as the best artificial intelligence innovation in healthcare by Venturebeat, and they have been lucky to win a host of awards, including Europe’s Future Unicorn Award 2020, for being the startup showing the most promise in becoming one of the next billion euro companies.

An AI community cannot be gleamed from a Google search, however I am one step closer to finding a company to learn more from.

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