Alex Moltzau 莫战

Sep 3, 2020

3 min read

Cooking and Coding

Social coding for social scientists

How do you create an environment conducive for people teaching each other how to do programming?

One way is through food.

One typical feature of a developer meeting is definitely pizza or some form of takeaway food.

Why not cook up some code and pizza?

It can be challenging enough to code on your own.

You might feel awesome, but it might also feel like a puzzle that cannot be solved on your own.

To learn basics within programming or simply to meet up and work on a common dataset.

That is the idea of cooking and coding.

I am currently studying a MSc of Science in Social Data Science.

We have a student café here, and might organise digital events.

It is easy to feel like an idiot when you begin programming.

Something it can seem like you are just horsing around.

It is important to realise that within rudimentary skills there is a spark to learn something more.

Sometimes basic coding can be enough to have a conversation with a friend who is far more serious about programming than you are.

Cooking and coding can let someone take joy in coding with friends and others with cooking. That is the obvious connection inherent in organising such an event.

I would argue you could gain a lot out of teaching other how to do basic programming or simply meeting with some new people who are into programming.

You might not see coding as a fun skill unless you get to hang out with other who are interested in similar things or different things, but the same skill.

To learn advanced coding or even beginning to work your way towards the field of artificial intelligence (AI) you will need to start somewhere.

Why not start sharing some food with a group of friends and doing some programming?

I previously wrote about the importance of study groups in programming.

I think activities to engage with programming is great, especially if you are interested in working in teams or understanding society from different perspectives.

If you are organising something let me know!

I would very much like to connect and talk about how it is to organise smaller gatherings for groups that want to learn more about programming.

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