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Building a Community for Diverse and Responsible Applications of Artificial Intelligence

After speaking at an event I have gotten a better impression of what they do, at least in Oslo. The work they do in gathering the community surrounding artificial intelligence (AI) for discussions on how artificial intelligence can be used for humanity led to a great deal of good conversations. As such after having such a positive experience locally I thought I would dive deeper and explore what the initiative is.

Who founded

What is about?

  • They want increased diversity in AI.
  • They want to democratise design development and use.

According to their website they are currently active in 70 cities.

They have three main activities:

  1. Regular meetings between AI Stakeholders.
  2. Quarterly meetups.
  3. Local Initiatives and streams.

In addition to this they do have a Medium worth a follow:

Register as an AI practitioner

World Summit on AI

As such the is a community both with a local presence and a global meeting point. This may be what makes an interesting actor that can connect with an international community as well as help locally.

AI Summer School in Oslo

This is day 115 of #500daysofAI. My current focus for day 101–200 is mostly on Python programming, however there are climate protests around the world therefore I focus my writing on the climate crisis. If you enjoy this article please give me a response as I do want to improve my writing or discover new research, companies and projects.

AI Policy and Ethics at Student at University of Copenhagen MSc in Social Data Science. All views are my own.

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