Can Artificial Intelligence be Organic or Biologique?

AnotherBrain receives €19 million fundraising in series A

After having talked about the way that artificial intelligence at times contributes to pollution both through running algorithms and as well in the sense that it contributes to server capacity in big data there might be interesting to consider whether there are any other more sustainable solutions. There seems to be a wave of more care in regards to sustainability rolling into the artificial intelligence community. As such I found the new company AnotherBrain interesting. I saw their company after news being spread online about their €19 million fundraising in series A. They do have a good pitch on their website:

“We create a new kind of new Artificial Intelligence: bio-inspired, frugal (low data and energy) and human-friendly, an alternative to deep learning, for people”

The company announced this investment round was led by a consortium of public and private investors, including SEB Alliance, Robinson Technologies, and existing shareholders Alpha Intelligence Capital, Daphni and Cathay Capital. They have developed a deep learning AI they have dubbed OrganicAI™ (they even trademarked it).

“…helping cars achieve full autonomous driving (Level 5) by the middle of the next decade.”

Whether they can live up to this remains to be seen. Maisonnier the co-founder was known as the serial innovator, founder and chairman of Aldebaran Robotics, the developer of humanoid robots Pepper and Nao. His company was aquired by SoftBank Group.

  • 2019––series A €19 million
  1. Independence from the cloud (making it more private and secure)
  2. Reduced energy consumption.
Anand Rao and Ilana Golbin May 18th, 2018 retrieved from the PwC blog

There is additionally no social scientists and mostly AI engineers and neuroscientists on the team, and as such I strongly questions how diverse responsible AI for society could be built by a team so heavy on the natural sciences and so devoid of any other competencies.

On the other hand I must congratulate AnotherBrain on their funding round, and we do need companies that are far more responsible in the applications of technology within the field of artificial intelligence. This can of course be improved throughout the further development of the company.

AI Policy and Ethics at Student at University of Copenhagen MSc in Social Data Science. All views are my own.