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AI Summer 2020

Learning about artificial intelligence in the summer

What opportunities are there to learn about artificial intelligence (AI) the summer of 2020? In a way summer could be used for relaxation or work, yet it could additionally be used to learn more.

  • Considering societal implications of AI, both narrow and broad.
  • Exploring national and international AI policy.
  • Following discussions on AI laws.
  • Working to understand changes in hardware that could influence the field of AI.
  • Considering applied ethics in the field of AI.
  • Starting a summer project within programming.
  • Exploring data cleaning and data flow required for responsible use of AI.
  • Following debates on facial recognition technology (FTR) following the one year hiatus from IBM, Amazon and Microsoft on FTR for policing.
  • Exploring TensorFlow and Google Cloud. Possibly working towards earning a Google certificate as a milestone for learning.
  • Doing an internship with an AI-oriented company, a company using an AI-product or in the value chain related to AI.
  • Reading more books on the topic of AI within any of these areas.

AI Policy and Ethics at Student at University of Copenhagen MSc in Social Data Science. All views are my own.