Bad Pyrmont, Deutschland — photo by @sebastian_unrau

AI & Forestry Tech Startups

Assisting the Restoration of Our Ecological Environment with Artificial Intelligence

Although I have no illusion that advancements within the field of artificial intelligence or companies thereof can be the solution in the context of the climate crisis I do think they can be part of the solution. Thus progress within forestry technology is interesting. This short article can be seen as a summary of an already short article and is meant to spark some thoughts on how AI is being used in forestry tech startups, and what other forestry tech startups are doing to address the whole value chain.

On the 19th of March the publication EU-startup published a list called 10 promising European forestry tech startups to watch in 2020. Not all companies do necessarily use explicit solutions within the field of AI, however it seems most have advanced forms of analysis involved. I will attempt to summarise the startups mentioned in the article here.

Seeing from this you can see a wide-range of applications across the sector working to maintain or protect our forests. I would argue this paints an interesting picture for those who want to enter the space or seek out some of these companies to work with them.

There are also more recent efforts to combine comprehensive local and international knowledge with that of these new technology companies. We are likely to see more of this in the time ahead.

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