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AI-enabled Wind Farms

Can Artificial Intelligence Contribute to More Renewable Energy?

This summer a wind farm equipped with AI software navigated a wave of negative wholesale prices in Australia. Thus according to an article in Smart Energy International: demonstrating the power of AI to enhance the performance of clean energy assets. According to the same text it was said:

“This time, artificial intelligence is being used to save the planet,” Schwarzenegger.

However whether this can be attributed to Arnold Schwazenegger I am unsure.

We Need Wind Power

Different place around the globe is experiencing the challenges of integrating solar, wind, and electric vehicles into electric grids that were designed for coal and gas

AMS’s optimised bidding software mentioned in the article is ‘technology agnostic’ (whatever that is), and substantially increases the revenues of storage, wind, solar and other generation assets in wholesale electricity markets.

Turbines with AI

Applying artificial intelligence (AI) to wind-turbine data is becoming more prevalent and there is a growing number of use cases for the technology.

  • Increased efficiency,
  • better spare-parts forecasting,
  • reduced downtime,
  • and lower unplanned maintenance costs.

An article in Wind Power Engineering mentions a few different points regarding what areas that could possibly be areas for application.

  • SCADA data (mean, minimum, maximum, and standard deviations),
  • Maintenance data (component replacement dates, lubrication events, etc.),
  • Failure histories
  • Firmware updates
  • CMS data (if available)

Further tomorrow

I will continue to pursue this topic another day.

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AI Policy and Ethics at Student at University of Copenhagen MSc in Social Data Science. All views are my own.

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