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AI Contextual Awareness Engine

Redefining Serendipity With Location Data

The ironic thing about predictions for the future is talking about them in past tense. On the same note contextual predictions with rapidly changing environments can be interesting. I will jump back less than a year to Foursquare and their prediction of the future.

Foursquare Pilgrim SDK
  1. Personalise outreach with behaviour-based audience profiles. Pairing location tech with transaction history to create profiles of people’s (‘users’) behaviour.
  2. Know your customer based on real-world visits. There is an argued increased customer ‘lifecycle’ due to granularity of insight provided by the most accurate place and venue detection. This apparently includes home and work detection, flagging repeat locations.

What is #500daysofAI?

I am challenging myself to write and think about the topic of artificial intelligence for the next 500 days with the #500daysofAI.

This is inspired by the film 500 Days of Summer where the main character tries to figure out where a love affair went sour, and in doing so, rediscovers his true passions in life.

PS: Foursquare please correct me if there is anything wrong with what I have written. I do find this to be an interesting topic.

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