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Engaging broadly with civil society, research community and industry to make artificial intelligence work for public good

Adra, which is an acronym for “AI, data and robotics Association”, is an international non-profit association incorporated in Brussels as an Association Sans But Lucratif (asbl).

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Exploring different ways to approach sustainability in the field of artificial intelligence

Abstract, Distorted view of Computer Motherboard. Photo by @lazycreekimages on Unsplash.

The European Commission Proposes New AI Regulations April 21st 2021

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Going from 500 days to 1000 days of artificial intelligence

  1. In one way going from quantity to quality, while focusing more on my…

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Writing one new article about artificial intelligence every day for 500 days

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The most valuable experience of the journey

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A few personal thoughts considering the field of AI for the next year and my own wishes for learning

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Questions and thoughts about engaging with the field of artificial intelligence over the coming year

Picture from IBM press release published October 2020.

A quick look at the split of IBM into two separate public companies and the recent press release for Watson NLP Key Point Analysis

In this article I do not state that Watson NLP Key Point Analysis cannot be used for social analysis. I am simply looking at their recent press release with a very critical eye as a social scientist. …

Alex Moltzau 莫战

AI Policy and Ethics at www.nora.ai. Student at University of Copenhagen MSc in Social Data Science. All views are my own. twitter.com/AlexMoltzau

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