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400 Days of Writing About AI

Setting general or narrow goals when writing about artificial intelligence

I have now been writing one new article about artificial intelligence every day for 400 days, they have naturally been of varying length and quality. However, I tried to set myself broad goals in 100 days increments. This is an article reflecting on the topic(s) I chose to write about and whether I reached any of my goals. This begs the question in the first place of whether I set any goals. Last time I even dedicated a full article to exploring different paths I could go down, if you want to explore this you can:

Regardless, what did I think that I should write about 100 days ago?

Broadly summarised these different alternatives were:

  1. A pentagon of intertwined topics: health, security, climate, social science and policy relating to artificial intelligence.
  2. Crisis x3, that is a health crisis, a climate crisis and an economic crisis.
  3. Artificial intelligence hardware and the climate.
  4. Trade-offs in the intersection of AI, climate change and health.
  5. Participant observation of AI.

Of these I mainly chose the third option.

Still, what happened underway was a pressing change in the international environment that came to have consequences for facial recognition technology.

Therefore, it seems I spent mostly days 300–350 on what I intended to explore, and then changing my course slightly during days 350–400.

Summed up, my 400 days have been the following:

  • 1–50 days: writing generally about artificial intelligence exploring basic concepts.
  • 50–100 days: writing with a focus on AI Safety connecting security concerns with climate.
  • 100–150 days: AI connected to programming, international relations, quantum and 5G.
  • 150–200 days: began focusing more on national AI strategies and the climate crisis.
  • 200–300 days: I decided to spend 100 days mapping national and international AI strategies.
  • 300–350 days: Artificial intelligence hardware and the climate.
  • 350–400 days: Racial and social inequalities as well as inequities relating to artificial intelligence, particularly in face recognition technology.

With this in mind: am I setting general goals when writing about artificial intelligence?

Not in the context of artificial general intelligence (AGI).

“Artificial general intelligence (AGI) is the hypothetical intelligence of a machine that has the capacity to understand or learn any intellectual task that a human being can.”

My writing has been more pertaining to narrow artificial intelligence: “…a specific type of artificial intelligence in which a technology outperforms humans in some very narrowly defined task.”

So, when I say general goals I mean more in the sense of society or technical application. If I had focused on one narrow application within health or climate change I might have been able to accomplish more.

To counter this I think AI is a complex field to enter, and I have had such a great journey attempting to explore different aspects.

What I am coming to realise is, that I to some extent could guess already, namely that on day 400 I am only beginning to gain a grasp of rudimentary concepts within the field of AI.

Reinforcement learning myself?

If we were to optimise, what is the cumulative reward?

What am I optimising for?

“Reinforcement learning (RL) is an area of machine learning concerned with how software agents ought to take actions in an environment in order to maximize the notion of cumulative reward.”

I am not thinking of this process as optimisation.

What does human learning optimise for?

I have come to know more about a climate crisis and having seen discussions of how AI technology increasingly was becoming weaponised.

Is that seeing a risk or opportunity? Is it for survival?

In anthropology, and increasingly with an interest in political science, I have come to more learn about a diverse range of places.

Thereby, attempting to fathom what different people consider AI development.

AI is international policy.

It is a narrow application.

It is a dynamic ethical conundrum.

At the same time I can question what has been reinforced in this process.

Perhaps, it is my wish to learn more.

This is #500daysofAI and you are reading article 400. I am writing one new article about or related to artificial intelligence every day for 500 days.

Here is the complete list of articles so far with ‘friend links’ so you can view all of them regardless of any paywalls. Thank you for following my posts!

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332. — the Voice Assistant

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338. The Story of Advanced Micro Devices

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344. Regulating Artificial Intelligence in EU 2020

345. Technology Optimism and Criticism

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348. A Layout Generator for AI Hardware?

349. Tree-like Memory in Hardware

350. Cloudwalk Receives 1.8 billion RMB in Financing

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352. Google AI Takes a Stance Against Oil and Gas

353. The AI Chip Market 2020

354. Some Thoughts on Predictive Policing

355. Adaptable Computing Accelerators

356. The Multi-Cloud Overcast in Digital Infrastructure

357. What is Edge Computing?

358. The Coded Gaze in Anthropology

359. Handmade Artifice

360. International Artificial Intelligence Policy

361. What is Tiny Machine Learning?

362. Five Books on International AI Policy

363. The International Data Group

364. AI & Academic Search Engines

365. Hardware Attack Surface & AI

366. Very Artificial Poetry #7

367. A Note on Multimethodology

368. Racial Inequality and Inequity in Facial Recognition Technology

369. The Spread of Facial Recognition Technology in the United States Law Enforcement

370. Bordering the Digital Europe

371. The New Developers in Development

372. IBM Takes a Stance on Racial Inequality and Inequity

373. The Consequences of Relevance

374. Bans Police from Using Rekognition

375. To Ban or Not to Ban FTR

376. Microsoft Will Not Sell Facial Recognition Technology to the Police

377. 2020 and a New Undersea Cable Around Africa

378. The Global Partnership for Artificial Intelligence

379. Anthropocentric AI

380. Disenchanting the AI Hype

381. AI, Algorithms and the Federal Trade Commission

382. AI & Listening Between the Lines

383. Are YouTube’s Algorithms Racist?

384. Seven Reasons for the Growing AI Market in the Healthcare Industry

385. A Google Question Answering Competition at NeurIPS 2020

386. If I Should Write an Introduction to Artificial Intelligence Policy…

387. Artificial Intelligence, the Hyperscale and 5G Connectivity

388. Me, My Data and OK Google

389. AI & #StopHateForProfit

390. AI Summer 2020

391. Apple Pushback Against Databaiting

392. What is Explainable?

393. Baidu’s PaddlePaddle

(…six more articles coming here, just need a short break from copying in links)



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