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40 days along with #500daysofAI

Writing one article about AI every day for 40 days

Throughout the last 40 days I have touched upon a range of topics within the field of artificial intelligence (AI). It is of course challenging to sum up shortly the amount of words and topics that has been written over the course of this exploration. However I will try to give a general sense of the areas that I have explored during my time writing, as well as give you a link to all my articles towards the end of this piece.

10 days (1–10)

Starting with definitions and the vagueness of AI and moving into specific challenges on a macro level. Zooming out to consider patents, AI governance and AI strategies. Ending up at a reflection on the role that social sciences may have within the field of AI.

20 days (11–21)

Exploring a specific case within property technology. Moving on from the growing wealth in this area and possibilities to inequalities related to AI. Taking a step sideways to look at AI and religion. Following up with AI Contextual Awareness a study of a specific offering by Foursquare based on GPS tracking. Asking further how can we critique algorithms? Jumping from this to a startup building an AI Assistant for scientific research. After focusing on this moving on to digital insecurity with AI and blockchain. Rounding of with a focus on Switzerland and then talking briefly of water and music.

30 days (21–31)

Started off with everyday life and introducing the notion of ‘microprediction’. Asking the day after, due to observation of many instances of calling AI ‘it’ or referring to algorithms as biased, whether things can be biased. Thereafter looking into the possible diversity in defining ‘intelligence’ with the theory of nine forms of artificial intelligence. Proceeding to interviews with two different AI researchers one working on healthcare and the other emergency efforts. Subsequently taking a closer look at the Centre for Artificial Intelligence (CAIR) in Norway. This led me to asking a question of qualitative methods in data science. The day after looking at how to consider AI in physical product design with possible risks in terms of bias. Lastly briefly trying my hand at poetry on the topic of artificial intelligence.

40 days (32–41)

More than 30 days had passed and my initial interest in developers led me to remembering a conversation of the imposter syndrome. I proceed to ask whether the pursuit of perfection or superintelligence can cause problems for developers and the field of AI. There are forms of expressions of interactions with the field of AI in homes such as with smart speakers, and I write about one new Chinese educational technology company. This raises the question of the Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT). After this I ask a critical question of data gathering by a multitude of companies proposing the term of ‘databaiting’ for designing fun customer-oriented activities to gather data to be sold commercially to other companies. I move back into talking about the rampant use of ‘as a service’ and the use of Artificial Intelligence as a Service (AIaaS). Transitioning into securitisation of the digital trough the concept of digital violence looking afterwards at a report on the AI in use within policing or security. The three next days I look specifically at why Google is a frontrunner in AI and the new developments in Semi-Supervised Learning (SSL).

  1. AI and sustainable cities
  2. Funding ethical AI
  3. Patents in the field of AI
  4. AI for good and AI for Bad
  5. AI governance in Argentina and Uruguay
  6. Writers in the field of AI
  7. Scandinavian AI Strategies
  8. Social science and AI
  9. #1 milestone with 10 reflections
  10. AI in property technology
  11. Inequalities and AI
  12. Artificial Intelligence and religion
  13. AI contextual awareness
  14. Critiquing algorithms
  15. AI assisting scientific research
  16. Digital insecurities surrounding AI and blockchain
  17. Artificial Intelligence in Switzerland
  18. Water and artificial intelligence
  19. Artificial intelligence and music
  20. #500daysofAI after 20 days
  21. Everyday Life and Microprediction
  22. The Bias of Things
  23. AI and Nine Forms of Intelligence
  24. AI in Elderely Care (interview)
  25. AI to Coordinate Emergency Efforts (interview)
  26. The Centre for Artificial Intelligence (CAIR)
  27. Qualitative Methods in Data Science
  28. AI in Physical Product Design
  29. Very Artificial Poetry
  30. 30 days of Artificial Intelligence
  31. AI and the Imposter Syndrome
  32. The New Chinese Smart Speaker Startup Maybe
  33. Artificial Intelligence of Things
  34. Databaiting
  35. AI as a Service?
  36. Digital Violence and AI
  37. Stop in the Name of AI!
  38. Google AI and Developments in Semi-Supervised Learning
  39. Advancements in Semi-Supervised Learning with Unsupervised Data Augmentation
  40. How is The Quiet Revolution in Semi-Supervised Learning Changing The Industry
  41. Today! A summary of my progress so far.

Reflecting on the progress so far

Spending time trying to understand how AI is talked of in different industries has been a good start to #500daysofAI. I have been talking to friends of focusing in on a specific topic after I reach 50 days. The possibility within this can be particularly beneficial for pinpointing an area and linking information within this area.

What is #500daysofAI?
I am challenging myself to write and think about the topic of artificial intelligence for the next 500 days with the #500daysofAI. Learning together is the greatest joy so please give me feedback if you feel an article resonates.

AI Policy and Ethics at Student at University of Copenhagen MSc in Social Data Science. All views are my own.