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350 Days of Artificial Intelligence

Writing About AI Every Day for 350 Days

I set myself a goal of writing one new article every day about artificial intelligence. I have now been doing that for 350 days. You can find a list of all the articles at the bottom of this text.

50 days and the lockdowns

In this time the pandemic has spread a great deal — around the world. Looking at the count there are more than 332,000 deaths worldwide. With almost five million confirmed cases.

Norwegian lockdown

I have to get personal for a few seconds here. It has been lonely, yet I have been so lucky and fortunate to have my wife by my side throughout this.

Crises in plural

However I still aim to understand artificial intelligence in relation to the climate crisis from a life cycle perspective, and considering ecology not only technology.

New applications of AI are proliferating

It is a time the field artificial intelligence is seeing a great leap towards increased applications for tracking.

I truly hope you have enjoyed reading any of my articles. I welcome any thoughts you may have with great enthusiasm. Whether you share them here or with me in person they contribute to making this a rewarding learning process as well as a joyful journey.

Thank you for reading!

These are my 350+ days of AI towards my goal — #500daysofAI.

AI Policy and Ethics at Student at University of Copenhagen MSc in Social Data Science. All views are my own.

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