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30 days of Artificial Intelligence

Writing an article every day for 500 days about AI

After 30 days of writing about artificial intelligence (AI) every day I have come to a clear understanding that I am just starting out. Both in my current journey of writing an article every day for 500 days and in a general sense in terms of knowledge: this is only the beginning.

Below is a collection of my 30 articles so far:

  1. Defining AI
  2. AI and sustainable cities
  3. Funding ethical AI
  4. Patents in the field of AI
  5. AI for good and AI for Bad
  6. AI governance in Argentina and Uruguay
  7. Writers in the field of AI
  8. Scandinavian AI Strategies
  9. Social science and AI
  10. #1 milestone with 10 reflections
  11. AI in property technology
  12. Inequalities and AI
  13. Artificial Intelligence and religion
  14. AI contextual awareness
  15. Critiquing algorithms
  16. AI assisting scientific research
  17. Digital insecurities surrounding AI and blockchain
  18. Artificial Intelligence in Switzerland
  19. Water and artificial intelligence
  20. Artificial intelligence and music
  21. #500daysofAI after 20 days
  22. Everyday Life and Microprediction
  23. The Bias of Things
  24. AI and Nine Forms of Intelligence
  25. AI in Elderely Care (interview)
  26. AI to Coordinate Emergency Efforts (interview)
  27. The Centre for Artificial Intelligence (CAIR)
  28. Qualitative Methods in Data Science
  29. AI in Physical Product Design
  30. Very Artificial Poetry
  31. Today! This article you are reading right now.

What did I learn?

Not that much, sadly, but hey — this is only my early days.

  • Ethics and bias
  • National AI Strategies
  • Applications of AI in different industries
  • Qualitative methods in the field of AI and Data Science
  • Security and sustainability relating to AI

What is #500daysofAI?

I am challenging myself to write and think about the topic of artificial intelligence for the next 500 days with the #500daysofAI. This is a challenge I invented to keep thinking of this topic and share my words with you.

Written by

AI Policy and Ethics at Student at University of Copenhagen MSc in Social Data Science. All views are my own.

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