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Jan 12, 2020

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2020 and the European National Strategies for Artificial Intelligence

A Summary of Existing AI Strategies and Draft Strategies on AI Entering 2020

International Collaboration on AI in Europe

The National AI Strategies in Europe

Belgian AI Strategy

Estonian AI Strategy

Finland’s AI Strategy

German AI strategy

Italian AI Strategy

Lithuanian AI Strategy

Polish AI Strategy

Spanish AI Strategy

Swedish AI Strategy

The Netherlands AI Strategy

United Kingdom AI Strategy

What Countries Have AI Strategies?

So who has national strategies or drafts so far and what countries do not?

  • Austria: yes.
  • Belgium: yes.
  • Bulgaria: no.
  • Croatia: no.
  • Republic of Cyprus: no.
  • Czech Republic: yes.
  • Denmark: yes.
  • Estonia: yes.
  • Finland: yes.
  • France: yes.
  • Germany: yes.
  • Greece: no.
  • Hungary: no.
  • Ireland: no (launch early 2020).
  • Italy: yes (draft released).
  • Latvia: no.
  • Lithuania: yes.
  • Luxembourg: yes.
  • Malta: yes.
  • Netherlands: yes.
  • Norway (not an EU member, but participating): No (to be released the 14th of January 2020)
  • Poland: yes (as far as I can tell).
  • Portugal: yes.
  • Romania: no.
  • Slovakia: no.
  • Slovenia: no.
  • Spain: yes, on its way.
  • Sweden: yes.
  • Switzerland (not an EU member, but participating): no.
  1. Albania: no.
  2. Belarus: no.
  3. Bosnia and Herzegovina: no.
  4. Kosovo: no.
  5. Macedonia: no.
  6. Moldova: no.
  7. Russia: yes (10th of October 2019).
  8. Serbia: no (but soon).
  9. Ukraine: no.

Sidenote: Global Changes in AI Policy

Retrieved the 10th of June 2019 from Future of Life Institute
Retrieved the 12th of January 2020 from Future of Life Institute

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