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150 Days of Artificial Intelligence

Writing One New Article About AI Every Day for 500 Days

There is a lot to write about, ominous clouds so to speak. Therefore filling 150 days with writings about artificial intelligence has in no way been difficult in terms of news or research. Rather the difficult part has been to write about this topic considering the mind-boggling complex environment, especially within my two overlapping interests: artificial intelligence and sustainability. In some sense my head hurts thinking about the immense progress that humanity has considering changes in technology. Simultaneously that very same headache may be due to the often ignored climate crisis within the field of artificial intelligence.

First 50 Days

Writing generally about artificial intelligence exploring basic concepts.

Next 50–100 Days

Writing with a focus on AI Safety connecting security concerns with climate.

After 100–150 Days

AI connected to programming, international relations, quantum and 5G.

Overarching Thoughts

What is it that we want to accomplish with artificial intelligence? In the middle of a climate crisis the resource use and misuse of technology is apparent. Data has become the new oil and rapid tech expansion part of the equation, yet in a way not accounted for in most evaluations of the sustainability of different companies. It is increasingly an international security issue and regulation in the use of algorithms.

  • Increasing inequalities. AI can deepen inequalities and exacerbate geopolitical tensions. Deterrence theory, stopping the adverse consequences of weaponised use, of both nuclear weapons and artificial intelligence is a productive field for humanity considering the terror that could be wrought by these two technologies combined destruction.
  • Emerging technology means power. Programming is a political activity and programming languages are governed by people. Emerging technologies such as quantum computing and 5G combined with artificial intelligence is seen as a great opportunity by states together with private actors. These developments are in many contexts seen as a ‘race’ to dominance or the best governance.

A Discussion of More Responsible AI

From my early writings I have questioned the funding of ethics in technology, yet I can see this being a pervasive issue. Regardless of the seeming situation, that ethics in technology is largely funded by the largest technology companies, it is positive to see these topics being discussed. In a most recent turn of events the Stanford Institute for Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence held a conference on Ethics, Policy, and Governance.

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Retrieved on the 1st of November 2019

Thank you

That being said I appreciate so incredibly much that every step of the way I have had readers who care and develop my thoughts. Readers who inspire me and are far better writers than I am. Being stopped in a corridor by someone who has read an article and has critical comments is valuable. Looking at the ‘message requests’ on my different social media channels and seeing people wanting to discuss makes me happy. It engages me too giving me energy to continue the discussion.

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150 days of artificial intelligence

1. Defining AI — #500daysofAI:

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AI Policy and Ethics at Student at University of Copenhagen MSc in Social Data Science. All views are my own.

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